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Scholarships & Bursaries – Giving Opportunities

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Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship

Engineering, Sciences & Information Technology.

Sir Robert Malpas

Sir Robert Malpas C.B.E.

OG '44

Fundación Educacional San Jorge awards two Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship to students entering 5th Year ES at St George’s College Quilmes and St George’s College North.

The candidates must be planning to study at least two (2) International Baccalaureate subjects leading to careers in Engineering, Sciences or Technology. The student & his/her parents, will be asked to sign a form indicating which IB subjects he/she will be taking & which university career does he/she plan to pursue.

The winner is the candidate who obtains the highest score in a specially prepared two part examination:

• Questions related to Science, Technology and Practical Engineering.

• An essay to demonstrate scientific knowledge (in English or Spanish) on a choice of subjects.

The Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship is equivalent to 25% of the scholastic fees for two years, subject to review at the end of the first year.

Brian Dyson Boarding Bursary

Promote Boarding at St. George’s College

Brian Dyson

Brian Dyson

OG '52

Promote Boarding at St. George’s College by offering a discount for families living in the interior of Argentina who wish to provide their children with the opportunity of attending St George’s College but cannot afford the full boarding fee.


• One Bursary per year starting in 2013 for new or existing full or weekly Boarders entering Secondary 3rd. Year for the 4 remaining school years.
• The family’s regular place of residence must be at least 200 km outside Buenos Aires City. Candidates living in neighbouring countries will be considered.
• The Bursary represents a 25% discount on the Boarding fee.
• Sons or grandsons of Old Georgians will be taken into account.
• The candidates (new or existing pupils) must achieve an acceptable pass level, as established by the school, when sitting the Entrance Exam at the end of 2nd Year.
• For new applicants, the school’s regular admission interviews with candidates & parents will be carried out by Senior Staff members.
• The candidate must demonstrate a positive attitude, leadership potential & special interests or skills.
• The Headmaster makes a recommendation proposing one (or more candidates) to FESJ.
• A family financial review will be carried out by FESJ as done for the Canon Jackson Bursary (Application process: the family fills out FESJ’s Bursary Application Form, references are checked, credit report obtained, home visit by Social Consultant, & interview with parents by two members of FESJ).
• A decision is taken jointly by St George’s & FESJ, and a recommendation made to Brian Dyson for his final approval.

Canon R.B. Jackson Bursary

Financial Assistance.

Canon R.B. Jackson

Canon R.B. Jackson

Headmaster 1940 - 1961

The principal objective is to provide bursaries to new families that share the school’s ideals and values & wish to enter their children to St George’s or families with children already at the school(s) but encounter difficulty in affording the full school fees.

In the case of new families, only children applying to enter 1st Year ES onwards will be considered. For families with children already attending St George’s, certain exceptions may be made depending on the circumstances. Priority will be given to children/grandchildren of former pupils & in the case of St George’s Quilmes, to Boarders.

Procedure: All Bursary requests must originate in the school & be approved by the Headmaster. The requests must include all the forms/documentation listed below & sent to FESJ for evaluation & approval by the Executive Committee. FESJ will request a Credit Report, will contact the names given as references & will interview the parents.

Bursary amount: 25% of the academic fees maximum

A) For new families, the following is required:

1. A note from the Headmaster supporting the Bursary request.

2. A memo from the Head of Sector (Primary, Secondary) or Admissions Department with their conclusions regarding the interview with parents/pupil, the report from the previous school, entrance exam results & a description of the pupils special skills, language, achievements, etc.).

3. The completed Entrance Application Form.

4. The completed Financial Assistance Application Form & the two reference letters.

B). In the case of families already at the school who experience a proven change in their financial situation, the following is required:

1. A note from the Headmaster supporting the Financial Bursary request.

2. A note from the Head of Sector providing information regarding the pupil(s) academic performance, behavior & attitude.

3. A note from the Administrative Manager regarding fee payment record.

4. The completed Financial Assistance Application Form (references not required).

For case A, the Bursary will be granted for a maximum of three years, will be revised annually & FESJ can withdraw it if the pupil or family do not abide by the school’s regulations.

For case B, the Bursary will be granted on a yearly basis.

In both cases, to request renewal, case B applies.

When the Bursary is granted, the parents will be requested to sign an Agreement by which they will maintain the school informed of any change in their financial situation.

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