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Segundo Molina Abeniacar

Segundo Molina Abeniacar (C’2014)

Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship 2013-2014

"Since I was a child I have been interested in science and nature, so a career in these areas was inevitable, but it was winning the Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship that really cemented the idea that I should study engineering. I am currently finishing my thesis to become an Electronic Engineer at the University of Buenos Aires. Throughout my studies I was lucky enough to live different experiences: I did an internship for a year in a laboratory at my university, another year, one at the industrial giant ABB, I spent a semester doing an exchange in France, and since last year I am working as a software engineer at J.P. Morgan Chase while finishing my studies.

Winning the scholarship was a great honour, and gave me confidence, a sense of responsibility and community, all of which motivated me in my studies and career. Fundación Educacional San Jorge has given me the opportunity to learn from others when deciding what to study, and their experiences had a great impact on my decision. I was very proud that FESJ invited me to share my own experiences with the St George's College Community." S.M.A., March 2021.

Federico Hojman Gandolfo

Federico Hojman Gandolfo (C’2012)

Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship 2011-2012

“I graduated as a mechanical engineer at the end of 2019. Since then I have been working as a technology manager in a start-up that aims to lead the way of food production in cities. I design the greenhouses, as well as the robotics to operate them.

As to the Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship I can say that it was of great help at the time and allowed me to reinforce the area of sciences which I had been interested in since I was a child.

Even though winning the scholarship won´t determine the studies one will follow, it helps to exploit the interests one already has. The scholarship also celebrates those who have a scientific mind or can even help discover this by first competing to be awarded with the scholarship and then sitting for the exam.”

Ignacio Schindler Beccar Varela

Ignacio Schindler Beccar Varela (C’2011)

Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship 2010-2011

“When finishing Secondary School at St George’s with Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship in 2011, I went into Engineering at University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in March 2012. My first two years I studied Chemical Engineering but later I changed to Industrial which I finished in December 2018. I presented and defended my thesis to become an Industrial Engineer in March 2019.

I have been working for KPMG Argentina for the last three years and as a consultant in the area of Strategies and I am now exploring the possibility of going abroad. Before KPMG I had a three month internship at Imperial Shipping GmbH in Germany and since then I have dreamt to work abroad.

At present with my KPMG team we are assisting the Government of the City of Buenos Aires in the planification and process improvement for the resettling of the Villa 31 where 1000 families will be allocated new houses. At present they live in an area under the highway and the plan is that after the resettling, that area will become a park within the greatest project of converting the shanty town into a formal city. It is an outstanding project both from an engineering and a social point of view.”

Campos Carles Family

Eugenia Campos Carles (C’2015)

Bryan Dyson Boarding Bursary 2014-2015

Celina Campos Carles (C’2017)

Bryan Dyson Boarding Bursary 2016-2017

Elisa Campos Carles (C’2020)

Bryan Dyson Boarding Bursary 2019-2020

Yvonne Eddy Campos Carles (C’1993) shares her experience as the mother of Eugenia, Celina and Elisa Campos Carles.

“As a former student of St George's College, I always dreamt that our children would go to the College, at least for some time and of course as boarders. I have the best of memories of my days as a boarder.

Since we got married we live in Mar del Plata and we have a good bilingual school in our city so the family decision is that all of our children (we have seven!!) if they wish, would have the opportunity of studying their two last years of Secondary school at St George´s. Obviously finances is an issue.

When the time came, our eldest daughter, Eugenia, wasn't only happy to attend, she begged us to go. We made an appointment, visited the school and presented our situation. Fundación Educacional San Jorge dealt with the matter in an impeccable way, Eugenia got the Brian Dyson Scholarship which is meant for prospective boarders who get good results in their entrance exams and who will stay at St George´s for at least two years.

In this way we started a NO RETURN JOURNEY. At the end of this year our third daughter finishes school at St George´s as well as her other two sisters, as Brian Dyson scholars.

The three have enjoyed school life immensely and obtained their International Baccalaureate Diploma which has prepared them so well for their University life.

From a personal point of view, the experience helped them to integrate slowly to life in the Capital city and acquire new friends. At this time Eugenia and Celina are living in Buenos Aires, studying and working and they have an active social life.

Without the Dyson scholarships we wouldn't have been able to do this.

Please see below a photograph of our three daughters and a short summary of what they are doing:

Eugenia: finished school in 2015. She studies Art and Cultural Management at the Centro de Investigación Cinematogáfica in Buenos Aires. She works in commerce and is planning to get married next year.

Celina: finished school in 2017 and is studying History at the Argentina Catholic University (UCA). She works as a private teacher and as a secretary.

Elisa: finishes school at the end of this year and has not made a decision yet about her future studies.”

Benjamín Lahitte

Benjamín Lahitte (C’2016)

Canon R. B. Jackson Bursary 2013

“Being a boarder is the same as belonging to a large family composed not only by those who were with you but by previous generations of boarders who had similar experiences, as the essence of boarding never changes.

Facilities can be refurbished, menues and timetables modified, there can be better communications or improvements in transport but many things never change and it is my wish that this continues.

Being apart from your parents makes you deal with your problems by yourself, ask for help and trust new people. Also you learn that in a life journey you can find new brothers or sisters and foster parents. I am lucky enough to have many.

I want to share with you my experience which summarises what I mentioned above.

I was a boarder for five years but sometime during the third year I became homesick and decided to go back to my home town, also felt guilty because of the financial burden that school fees represented to my family.

A teacher helped me by telling me he understood that even though I was enjoying School life, family came first and I returned home. A few days were enough to make me realise how much I missed school but I still had the financial problem. The solution came at the end of the year when Fundación Educacional San Jorge gave my family a Canon Jackson Bursary. This financial assistance helped the family economy and this, together with the Masters who allowed me to go home more often allowed me to return as a boarder which is something that left a mark in my life.

Because of all this I wish that boarding remains a pilar of St George's College and that more and more students take the opportunity of living this enriching experience."

Rocha Aguilar Family

Gerardo Rocha Aguilar (C’2008)

Canon Stevenson Scholarship 2005 | Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship 2007-2008

Jaime Rocha Aguilar (C’2010)

Canon Stevenson Scholarship 2004-2007

Tomás Rocha Aguilar (C’2011)

Canon Stevenson Scholarship 2005-2009

Lucía Rocha Aguilar shares her experience as the mother of Gerardo, Jaime and Tomás Rocha Aguilar.

“In Buenos Aires because of my husband´s work and through the recommendation of a friend we visited St George's College.

We had chosen another school for our eldest son but whilst entering the campus we knew our plans would change. The opportunities for sport, the facilities, the international teachers living on campus, the friendship of the community, all determined the decision to apply for a place for Gerardo and for Jaime and Tomás to start their school life. Later in time, José Miguel.

Later, being part of the community we were surprised by the dedication of the teaching staff and the time they had been at St George’s. For me, staff with many years in the institution is a sign of quality. The School provides a balanced mix of English educational culture and Latin style.

What can I say of academic excellence? We Mexicans, so close to the USA, are influenced by new practices that try not to harm children´s sensitivity by not evaluating them with marks, and not awarding some in order not to hurt others. Thousand times better a system where effort is cherished and where those who can go faster can get further. Mediocrity is not stimulated and pupils are taught to think and not to memorize.

We are so grateful that our son, even a foreigner, was elected Prep School Captain in sixth grade and that three of them obtained Canon Stevenson Scholarships awarded by Fundación Educacional San Jorge. Jaime and Tomás were rewarded with this scholarship twice and Gerardo got it in the first years of the College and later obtained the Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship which promotes the study of Sciences, totally achieved. These scholarships are another great School tradition and an enormous honour to obtain them. I will never forget the months prior to the exams, the excitement of the mothers, the preparation of the children, and the nerves which increased as the exams date approached. Finally, the pride felt at the announcement on Speech Day. Our three boys are today Engineers and working and the youngest, who finished his Secondary studies in Mexico on our return, is presently studying to become one.

I know that in Mexico there are schools with equivalent academic excellence but none with the social and formative part. For many years, after our return when asked what we missed more of Argentina, the reply was: St George's College.”

Guido Astornellis

Guido Astornelli (C’2012)

Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship 2011-2012

"The Sir Robert Malpas Scholarship definitely pushed me into following the career of Industrial Engineering. When I finished Secondary School at St George’s I had not made up my mind. I was within Economics and Engineering. But when I got the award and having concentrated the last two years of my life at school in subjects related to Sciences I inclined myself towards Engineering. I finished my studies at the end of 2017.

The scholarship was a tremendous help from an economic point of view pero it was above all it was a guide to understand during Secondary school which path to follow and what career to study something which is not easy at all.”

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