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The many gifts we receive from alumni, families and friends - people like you - help to ensure that our students have access to the resources they need in order to achieve their goals and realize their dreams. Thank you for believing in the power of education, and for your ongoing generosity and commitment to our students and their futures.

If you would like to make a monthly contribution, please show your preference in the online payment form (gift by credit card) or contact:

María Chuburu
Phone: +54 (11) 5365-5684 ext. 362 / +54 (11) 4663-2494 ext. 201
Mail: fundacion@stgeorges.edu.ar

On line – Credit Card: Complete and submit the following form to make a secure online gift using your credit card.

Online payment form

Ways of giving

There are many different ways to support FESJ. When you think about making your donation, you may wish to consider one or more of the giving methods listed below.

We welcome your donation, in whatever manner you choose to give.

Gift of cash

You can give a one-time gift, a monthly gift or make a pledge paid out over one or more years. Your cash donation can be made at St George's College: Guido 800, (B1878IIP) Quilmes, Argentina or at the Old Georgian Club: Juan María Gutiérrez 3829, (C1425ARC) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Credit Card

Visa, Mastercard, o American Express. Using the Credit Card form.

Online payment form

Deposit or transfer

Banco Santander Río – Cuenta Corriente N° 3625/4 Sucursal 43 – CBU: 07200434 20000000362540.


Made out to Fundación Educacional San Jorge, no a la orden.

Fundacion Educacional San Jorge has the corresponding tax exemption granted by AFIP, thus the donations made to FESJ can be deducted from payment of income tax.

International giving

Gifts from Residents of the U.S.A

Through Help Argentina

Download form

Gifts from U.K. Residents

Donations should be deposited in the BABS UK Account:

HSBC Bank,
Sort Code: 40 18 50
Account Number: 91337133.
If you have any questions or concerns on this matter please phone or e-mail Tony Robinson telephone number 01483 229141; e-mail: tonyandmandy@btinternet.com

If you wish to make a donation to Fundación Educacional San Jorge please fill out the form and send by mail to María Chuburu fundacion@stgeorges.edu.ar or post to J. M. Gutiérrez 3829 (C1425ARC), Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Download form

Legacy gifts

If you have already made a legacy gift to FESJ, please let us know by completing and sending us the attached form:

Download form

For more information on including FESJ in your legacy plans, please contact María Chuburu.

Why create a Legacy gift?

Committing a legacy gift to FESJ, an organization that you care about, should leave you with a sense of joy and satisfaction, knowing that your support will make a significant impact on the lives of future generations at St George's College.

In fact, the best way to start thinking about legacy giving is to imagine what you want the future to be and take action to make that vision real.

Including FESJ in Your Will is a Big Decision.

Our Promise to You:

We want you to feel completely comfortable about your choice.

1. We will always respect your privacy. We recognize and appreciate that your will is completely personal and confidential.

2. We also realize that your family and loved ones always come first.

3. Because we, like you, are committed to ensuring to provide an environment that helps young people achieve their full potential in mind, body, and spirit - St George's College will always encourage members of our Georgian Community to support the school through their will. We also recognize that it is YOUR decision and we will respect your need to make it in your own time.

4. You can tell us that you have left a gift to the school if you want, and we would love to know, but you are under no obligation to tell us if you would prefer not to.

5. If you do choose to tell us, you will have a choice about how you would like to be recognized. Allowing us to share your name with St George's College community may inspire others to make a similar gesture of support, but we respect your right to remain anonymous.

6. We will give you and your family as much choice as we can regarding how and where your gift will be used to make a difference to St George's College and future generations of students.

7. We will use your gift carefully, so that it has the greatest impact on our students and the school.

8. We will give you the opportunity to be connected with the school – and to see the power of philanthropy at work.

9. We will handle your gift with care, sensitivity, and respect.

For further information about bequests to FESJ, and to speak in confidence about how your gift can make an enduring difference, please contact Ms Lally Barr.

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