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About Fundación Educacional San Jorge

Fundacion Educacional San Jorge is dedicated to supporting and sustaining its mission. Our Mission is to strive to collect resources from the general community, to provide funding for specific St. George’s College educationally-driven projects, scholarships for academic excellence and aid parents who need assistance to ensure their children receive an education of the highest standards.

The Foundation is governed by volunteers who represent Old Georgians, all of whom have made significant contributions to its advancement. The affairs of the foundation are conducted in an environment that embraces the values of excellence, collaboration, integrity and accountability.

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Scholarship & Bursaries

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Founders Day

Celebrating Founders Day (1898-2015). FESJ is in charged of the traditional BBQ served by OG´s. Funds raised in aid to our Bursary fund. We are please to invite you to join us!


Annual General Meeting

On November 27th, 2014 was held the Annual General Meeting, in the Old Georgian Club house, J.M. Gutierrez 3.829, in which the Financial Statements ended on August 31st 2014 were approved. Also, the Executive Committee was mentioned.

The meeting was followed by a small reception to acknowledge the support of those who so generously contribute to the Scholarship Fund. Current scholarship winners, with their parents, were also present.

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