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About Fundación Educacional San Jorge

Fundacion Educacional San Jorge is dedicated to supporting and sustaining its mission. Our Mission is to strive to collect resources from the general community, to provide funding for specific St. George’s College educationally-driven projects, scholarships for academic excellence and aid parents who need assistance to ensure their children receive an education of the highest standards.

The Foundation is governed by volunteers who represent Old Georgians, all of whom have made significant contributions to its advancement. The affairs of the foundation are conducted in an environment that embraces the values of excellence, collaboration, integrity and accountability.

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Scholarship & Bursaries

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Support the Canon Jackson Bursary

Since 1965, the Fundacion Educacional San Jorge offers Bursaries to families who encounter difficulties in paying the full fee. The significance of this financial aid is not only monetary but the education provided by St.George’s opens a new and much wider future area of opportunity for the student. We would like to share the case of Nicolas Morello (2015).


Old Georgian Rugby Scholarship

Fundación Educacional San Jorge is pleased to announce that an annual Scholarship will be granted to the student who plays for the Old Georgian Club and is currently in 5th Year ES, and he is distinguish in: regular assistance during the season, fair play, fellowship, lidership, high level performance, standard academic performance, good behavior and attitude. The discount will be a 10% discount on academic fees.


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